Municipal Alliance Meeting – Friday, May 8, 2015

Garden Room – Village Hall



In Attendance:  Deanna Schablik, Sheila Brogan, Kathy Marshall, Kevin Feeley, Jacquie Luthcke, Katie Kashmanian, Parminder Savalia



Sheila opened the meeting with going over the agenda for the day.


Kevin Feeley gave us an update on Kids Write Now.  Kids Write Now are working with 8th graders this year.   Dates are BF – 4/16 and 4/21  GW – 6/4 and 6/5.


Sheila updated the group on Parents Who Host Lose the Most.  250 pamphlets have been given to Tom Gorman to distribute at parent meetings at the high school.  Captain Luthcke and Kathy Marshall requested pamphlets as well to be placed out in the lobby and distributed at the Federated HSA Meeting.  Sheila will contact The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources to obtain more pamphlets.


Captain Luthcke was also asked about the enforcement as it pertains to the law with adults who host.  She stated that it is dependent on the circumstances.  She also alerted us to the fact that there is a specific form that can be filled out saying who is allowed in a house and if that has been received by the police in advance, they have authority to ask questions /enter the house.  No one on the Alliance ever heard of that and feel it is something that should be known to the public.  The banners that were purchased to be hung at different areas of town will go up starting May 18th and will be up/down on a timing basis around prom time and graduation time.  We would all like to have a safe spring/safe prom season/safe graduation.  Kevin Feeley took the banner for the high school in Tom Gorman’s absence.


Kevin Feeley talked a little about Tim Silvestri’s programs and that they were successful.  Tim has another scheduled for June 1st and will hold staff consultation as well.  Numbers are showing as improving on a slight decrease of certain drug use, but there seems to be an increase in the middle and elementary schools of anxiety/depression.  That was seconded by Katie Kashmanian.  On the upside, there has been an increase on students looking out for each other and reaching out to school officials if they feel there is someone needing help. 


Kevin also discussed “Maroon Mentors”.  It is a program where the high school students will be working with middle school students.  These discussions among high school and middle school students will continue on June 5, 2015.  There will be 2 at GW and 1 at BF and will both be 1-hour talks.  It is a way to make more of a connection with those kids who need just a touch more guidance and push.  Katie Kashmanian stated that the principals also have similar discussions amongst themselves with the transition from elementary school and then middle to high school.  The goals are identical as the Maroon Mentors. 


Recreational Nights for the middle schools are completed for the spring.  The 5th grade step-up is scheduled for May 29th.  The time of the mixers was discussed.  Starting in the fall of 2015, the mixers will be 1.5 hours long, a half-hour shorter than now.