Ridgewood Municipal Alliance Committee




March 6, 2015 9 AM


Attendance:  Ralph Brito, Nancy Bigos, Kevin Feeley, and Sheila Brogan.  Attendance was low due to weather, schools being closed on 3/5, PARCC testing, and schedules that had to be rearranged due to snow the day before.


1.  Kids Write Now – Sheila will follow up with Tony and Katie, to determine if this has been scheduled for the spring.


2.  Update on Parents Who Host Lose the Most – Deanna Schablik ordered the banners customized with Ridgewood Municipal Alliance funded by the NJ Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on them.  Four banners were ordered and these banners will be placed at Van Neste Park, the corner of Maple and Linwood (Graydon fence), RHS and Habernickel Park during the period May 15 to June 30.  Sheila gave Tom Gorman 250 brochures on NJ liability laws pertaining to underage drinking and parent hosting parties where alcohol is served to minors.  Tom will be giving the brochures out at parent meetings this spring.

The custom banners were $80 each, plus shipping, Total $336 plus the $50 membership fee.  The $400 allocated to begin this campaign has essentially been spent.  Thank you to Deanna for her great follow through on ordering the banners.


3.  Tim Silvestri's schedule for RHS – Kevin Feeley reported that Tim Silvestri will be working with groups of RHS seniors on March 10 and April 7.  Tim will be talking about substance use/abuse among other topics.  He is also scheduling Tim to return in May and June.


4.Ridgewood High School students working with middle school students – Kevin has started a program called Maroon Mentors.  Last week twenty-three high school 10,11, and 12th graders visited with 8th graders at GW, to begin talking about transitioning to high school – topics touched on were stress, relationship building, positive relationships with teachers, and good decision-making.  Kevin, envisions having three more meetings this school year between the Mentors and 8th graders at both middle schools. In addition he will have freshman meet with 6th graders twice before the end of the year.  Kevin would like the middle school students (8th graders) to know some RHS students when they arrive in September, so pairing the 8th graders with sophomore and junior students makes sense.

Kevin understands that $1500 was allocated for this program this year and again next year.


5.  REC Night Schedule – Middle school rec nights have been scheduled for the spring -- 7th and 8th graders on April 24 and 6th graders on April 17.  5th grade step-up parties are scheduled for May 19th.


6.  Update on 2015-16 grant submission  --- Sheila told the committee that the County informed us in late January that the 2015-16 grant was due in late February.  All paperwork had to be submitted for the 2015-16 grant year at that time.  It was suggested (strongly) that next year’s grant be the same programming as this year. So we filed the paper work asking to fund the same programs instituted this year for next year.  Should the committee wish to make changes, a grant modification could be submitted.

The Village Council will approve a resolution this month supporting the 2015-16 grant request.


7.  New Business – Kevin Feeley asked the committee to consider supporting Stigma Free – a group that works to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness.  There are chapters of this group in surrounding towns.  There may be a link between the Municipal Alliance and Stigma Free as at times substance use/abuse can be connected to depression, anxiety and other psychiatric problems.  Kevin will do some research on this group and provide information to the committee.


8.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:45.


Next meeting May 8 at 9 AM.


Respectfully submitted.

Sheila Brogan