Municipal Alliance Meeting – Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Room – Village Hall



In Attendance:  Deanna Schablik, Sheila Brogan, Kevin Feeley and Nancy Graham


Sheila opened the meeting with going over the agenda for the day.


This was our fourth and final meeting of the grant year.


Peer Counseling and programs for Kids Write Now have been completed.  The last of the checks for invoices have been received and payments are being processed.


The banners for Parents Who Host Lose the Most have been out for a few weeks around the Village and will be taken down just after graduation weekend.  Kevin was asked to reach out to Dr. Gorman in regards to keeping the banner at the school or if he would like it to be kept in the Recreation Office until next spring.  He will get back to us.  There has not been much said, good or bad, in regards to the banners and/or the newspaper article. 


Tim Silvestris visits amounted to 3 visits of 6 needed for the grant.  Sheila asked Kevin to please be sure that Tim gets all 6 visits in for the 2015-16 grant year and start a little bit earlier in the school year.  Kevin hopes to get a Tim Silvestri Cheat Sheet out to those seniors who are attending college in the fall.


Due to scheduling conflicts with BF Middle School, the Maroon Mentors, overseen by Kevin Feeley, were only able to meet with the 8th graders from GW.  They did manage to meet twice.  The hope is to get to the groupless kids who are the most vulnerable for possible anxiety and issues in the high school. 


Recreational Nights have been completed for the grant year.  Supplies were ordered for the Community Center with the money denoted towards equipment from the grant.  Karaoke machine and ping pong equipment were purchased.


The web master has not been able to be reached in regards to the web site.  Sheila will be reaching out to Lunar Pages, who oversees the site, to try to get the password so we can have access.


GCADA will not fund Recreational Nights any longer.  Therefore, we have $2200 free and are looking to do a social norms survey at the high school.  Sheila met with Dan Fishbein and Kevin Feeley in regards to the legal aspects of doing a survey with the high school students on social norms.  Judy Forman from the County is checking with GCADA on this to see if it will be an excepted program.  The estimated cost of the survey is $1700. Judy Forman also informed us that the In-Kind and Cash Match can still be used from recreational nights towards the grant.


John Maye has set the Peer Counseling date for the new grant year on August 16th.  Invoices have already been given to Deanna Schablik, Grant Administrator for the 3 trainers.   Vouchers will be mailed out in July.


All agreed it was a successful meeting and the the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Deanna Schablik