Municipal Alliance Meeting – Monday, January 12, 2015

Garden Room – Village Hall



In Attendance:  Deanna Schablik, Sheila Brogan, Dawn Cetrulo, Anthony Orsini, Kathy Marshall,

Glen McCall, Parminder Savalia


There was a small turnout for the meeting due to the weather and the schools having a delayed opening.


Sheila opened the meeting with an introduction of Deanna Schablik, the new Grant Administrator, to those in attendance.


Sheila reviewed the 2014-2015 grant programs and funding.


Sheila then proceeded to speak of the overall theme of the alliance meeting, which was “Parents Who Host Lose The Most”.  She discussed and passed around handouts in regards to what Passaic County is doing in regards to this with their own alliance.  They are reaching out to each town within Passaic County to stress that this is a major concern and something that needs to be addressed.  There is a “need” for parents to understand that if they offer alcohol to those underage, the liability issues with hosting can be quite severe and parents (or older siblings of age), need to be accountable.  There are a few occasions that are coming up, such as prom, graduation and Backwoods, in which we would like to reach these parents and students before this behavior occurs.  Sheila will be reaching out to John Ward, Chief of Police, to speak with him about statistics and how to best move forward with prevention.  Sheila will also be setting up a meeting with Dr. Tom Gorman to talk about the same.  It was also discussed to join the “Parents Who Host Lose The Host” drug alliance for $50.  It was agreed by those in attendance to join. 


There was also discussion about putting up banners or lawn signs with the “Parents Who Host Lose The Most” motto.  It was determined that the banners would be a better choice and possible locations would be the train trestle, Graydon Pool fence and the High School. 


Another way of getting the word out to parents was at the 8th grade parent meeting that will be coming up.   Another thought was to reach out to the Athletic Director and bring it up with the coaches so that they can speak with both students and parents at their sports meetings.  That would give the opportunity for the new AD to help with the wellness standpoint.


During the “roundtable”, session, Glen McCall stated that he has heard much less talk from the teens of parties, etc.  during his open hours at the youth center at Mount Carmel. 


Also discussed were the pressures the kids are under and the pressure to succeed.  Anthony Orsini  added that there has been a push to take pressure off of the kids academically so, that may help to slow down other pressures socially.


All agreed it was a successful meeting and the the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Deanna Schablik